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NOVA New Opportunities                                                       Registered Charity No. 1118890


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The Mayor of Kensington and Chelsea at Nova's Adult Learners celebration in may 2016

In our community one in seven adults has limited or poor literacy. Nova helps these people build skills and confidence so as to move into work and improve their employability.

In our community one in seven adults


NOVA New Opportunities is a small charity that was founded over 30 years ago to promote the welfare and integration into the community of disadvantaged people in Kensington and Chelsea and neighbouring boroughs.

It is situated in one of the poorest wards in the country and aims chiefly to help those who are on low incomes, who lack the familiarity with the system and the confidence to access education, training and employment opportunities, and who need to acquire or update the key skills to make a living. Typically those who come to Nova are those who have missed on educational opportunities; the long-term unemployed; women returning to work; lone parents; and immigrants and refugees. Many have been turned away by other organisations. The number of people using NOVA's services over the years has been steadily increasing and it now helps some 1,400 people a year.

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We have a ‘no wrong door’ ethos and always do our best to help every person who walks in. We maintain an ongoing relationship – e.g. volunteers who go on to paid work often continue to volunteer with us. Many users dip in and out of our services for many years until they become fully independent.


We believe the best learning environment is one where we all – staff, volunteers and students – work together in supporting and getting to know each other and celebrating achievements – so welcome to the Nova ‘family’!

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"Nova was there to support me all the way. Without Nova, I will not be where I am today. I am a living proof that Nova can assist local unemployed people in getting back to work or education. "  Nurul

"Nova helped me with everything I know. When I first came to Nova I couldn’t speak any English and now am I able to do things by myself such as call a hospital for an appointment, apply for a job and go for an interview. Only two weeks ago I attended 5 job interviews and now I am starting a new job in a hotel. I want to thank Nova for everything". Mohamed.

"As a small organisation, Nova is unique by nurturing the individual to achieve and succeed. Nova made me part of the family and the community, where everyone is equal and there is no feeling of intimidation from authority. This made me feel inspired, valued, appreciated and committed to develop and succeed further in my education and career." Nurul

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Start learning and developing at Nova now. We usually have places available on our courses and are always ready to provide information, advice and guidance. Just drop in.







Nova offers a range of Basic Maths, English and ICT courses for adults at 12 venues throughout Kensington and Chelsea.

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Information, advice and guidance

Nova provides group and individual support for people looking to enter or re-enter employment, or for those in low-paid or insecure employment.


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Volunteers are at the heart of our organisation. We have a range of volunteering opportunities in Admin, Reception, Teaching, Information, Advice and Guidance, marketing, finance and HR.

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Nova is partly financed through grants from the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, who pay us for the work we do with those in social need. We also receive grants from charitable foundations. But our present funding does not cover all our costs and is nowhere near enough to meet the demand for our serrvices from the local community. That demand has increased substantially since the recent changes in Government policy on benefits and disability allowances and with cuts to Job Centre services. There are lots of desperate people out there who would benefit if we could do more.

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