Key: (1) = number of generation, beginning with Richard Lambert alias Gorwyn of Lambert (1693-1764) who founded the Lambert branch of the family (his brother John Gorwyn alias Lambert  founded the Bradleigh branch – see TABLE 6).  All today’s Lambert Gorwyns are descended from one of these two branches.



(1) Richard Lambert alias Gorwyn (1693-1764).  See TABLE 1 for his parents. Appears to have lived at least part of his life in Drewsteignton, where he was a churchwarden in 1721 and was described as a freeholder in the 1740s and 1750s. His residence and freehold property in Drewsteignton may have been Wallon; he was also leasing the farms of Honeyford and Higher Budbrooke in there, as well as Bowden in Cheriton Bishop, and probably moved to Lambert to live with his son in the 1740s, when it was recovered from the tenant who was given a 21-year lease by the will of George Gorwyn (see Table 1).  Richard also owned land in North Bovey.

m. Mary Ponsford (marriage licence issued in 1714). John is their only traceable child.


(2) John Lambert Gorwyn (1719-1765) of Lambert. He seems to have lived first at Drewsteignton where he was churchwarden in 1744, and then moved to Lambert. Buried at Cheriton Bishop on 1.3.1765, described as John Lambert alias Gorwyn. ‘Underneath are deposited the remains of John Lambert Gorwyn, gentleman, of Lambert 25 February 1765 age 45. Also Mary his wife May 30 1797 aged 78. William and Richard his sons. John and Mary, children of the above-named Richard. Elizabeth who died November 14 1819 aged 68. John who died 11 September 1823 aged 78. And on the same day Mary Anne, wife of William. John their son, also Margaret and Richard their grandchildren’ (photo).

m. Mary Cann, daughter of John Cann of Fuidge (Spreyton) at Drewsteignton in 1742. She died 1797. During her long widowhood she was active in administering the substantial family estates and in purchasing property. John and Mary had 10 children of who 9 survived infancy, all baptised in Cheriton Bishop:


(3) John Lambert Gorwyn,  baptised early 1743 and presumably died in infancy.


(3) Mary Lambert Gorwyn (1744-1806), 

m. John Gorwyn of Bradleigh in Crediton in 1778.  See Table 6 for their children.


(3) John Lambert Gorwyn (1746-1823). Unmarried. Lived at Lambert. His will survives. He left his very substantial property holdings in Cheriton Bishop, Drewsteignton and Spreyton, mainly to various of his nephews and nieces.


(3) Richard Lambert Gorwyn (1748-1791). He appears to have had property in both Cheriton Bishop and Drewsteignton.

m. Elizabeth Underhill of Belstone in 1786. They had two children:


(4) Mary Lambert Gorwyn (1785-c.1800)


(4) John Richard Lambert Gorwyn (1791-1809). At the time of his death he is described as being a gentleman of Spreyton, so had probably moved in with his uncle George.


(3) William Lambert Gorwyn of Wallon (1750-1797).  See TABLE 3.


(3) Elizabeth Lambert Gorwyn (1752-1819).  Unmarried. She inherited the Golden Lion Inn from her mother’s brother George Cann and was listed as the licensee of the Golden Lion. She lived with her brother John at Lambert. Her will survives.


(3) Susanna Lambert Gorwyn (1755-1831).  She lived at one point with her uncle George Cann and inherited the property of Heath in Spreyton from him.

m. George Cann gent. of Spreyton in 1805 (a cousin of her uncle of the same name) and lived with him at Bush in Spreyton. No children.


(3) Joan Lambert Gorwyn bpt. 1757.

m.  George Arden, a mercer in Exeter.  They appear to have lived in Exeter.  They had 13 children, all baptised in Exeter:                


(4) Frances Arden bpt. 1780.

m. Charles Brake. They had two children, Fanny and George Arden Brake, baptised in Exeter in 1812 and 1815.


 (4) George Arden, bpt. 1782. Presumably died in infancy.


 (4) George Arden (c.1783-1858).  He was left £100 by his uncle John Lambert Gorwyn provided that he returned from India to England within 2 years of John’s death.


(4) Mary Arden bpt. 1784.


(4) William Arden (c.1786-1873).


(4) Christopher Arden bpt. 1787. Presumably died in infancy.


(4) Harriott (Harriet) Arden bpt. 1790.

m. John Francis. A Harriot Arden Francis who was buried as an infant in Crediton in 1816 may be their child.


(4) Ann Arden, b.1792.


(4) Elizabeth Arden, bpt. 1793.  She was living with her uncle John Lambert Gorwyn at Lambert in 1821.                


 (4) Christopher Arden, bpt. 1795. Possibly the 53-year old alderman and land proprietor recoded by the census as living in 1851 with his wife Amelia in Exeter St David’s with a son called George Arden.

m.  (1) (possibly) Maria Yarde at Crediton in 1834 in Crediton.

      (2) Amelia.


 (4) Charlotte Arden (1796-1882).

  m. John Adolphus Mallock in Exeter in 1824 and had issue, including a son George Arden Mallock (1827-1896) in the Army in India.


 (4) Henry Lambert Arden, bpt. 1799. 


 (4) John Lambert Arden (later Gorwyn) (1803-1876) of Cutley House, Kingston in Somerset. Bequeathed property by his uncle John Lambert Gorwyn provided he added the name Gorwyn to his own, which he did. The warrant signed by George IV permitting the name change is still extant (it was sold on 20.12.2005 by a dealer in old autographs). He appears to have farmed at Ford in Drewsteignton as a young man, and retained his property in Cheriton Bishop and Drewsteignton, presumably letting it when he moved to Somerset. Died at Kingston, Somerset, leaving effects (not real estate) of £3,000.

m. Mary A. Hooper in 1825 in Chagford. She died in 1882 in Taunton St Mary.


(5) John Lambert Arden Gorwyn (1826-1874), bpt at Drewsteignton. He took over the 110 acre farm at Cutley House from his father, but apparently also then moved to Kingston. When he died he left effects (not real estate) of £1,500.

m. Elizabeth Mullins, dau. of John Mullins Esq. of Spaxton Court, in Spaxton, Somerset, in 1854.


(6) Mary Elizabeth Arden Gorwyn, b. Kingston about 1855/56.


(5) Rose Arden Lambert Gorwyn (1828-30), bpt. and buried at Drewsteignton.


(5) George Arden Gorwyn (1829-1881) bpt. at Drewsteignton, died in Taunton. Appears to have been unmarried.


(3) Ann Lambert Gorwyn  bpt. in 1759. A creamware pot inscribed “Anne Lambert 1772” survives in the family of her youngest brother George. Dead by 1823.

m. Isaac Bryant or Boyant  in 1790. They had 4 children.


(3) George Lambert Gorwyn of Spreyton (1763-1837).  See TABLE 4.