TABLE 5: RICHARD LAMBERT GORWYN (1819-1861) and his descendants.


The generations are numbered from Richard Lambert Gorwyn of Lambert (1689-1764), the great-great-grandfather of the Richard Lambert Gorwyn born in 1819. This Richard, as his great-great-grandson, is generation (5), his children generation (6) etc. Richard's six surviving children have many descendants alive today. This branch retaind the name Lambert-Gorwyn.



(5) Richard Lambert-Gorwyn (1819-1861), younger son of George Lambert Gorwyn of Spreyton (c.1786-1850) and his wife Mary Cann (1789-1875) (see TABLE 4 for his parents).  He inherited from his grandfather the farms of Graystone, Honeyford (aka Honeydown), Fursdon Hill, Teignholt (aka Teignholt Ford), and Knowle (with its lime quarries) in the parish of Drewsteignton; Heywood in Hittisleigh; and Tuckers Tenement, Newton Tenement and the Golden Lion Inn Tenement in Cheriton Bishop. By 1848, he appears to have purchased and been living at Higher Budbrooke at Crockernwell in Drewsteignton, but by 1850 he had moved to Belle Parade, Crediton. He then moved with his family to Paddington, where he was at the time of the 1851 census. But by 1856 he had moved again, to Haven House, Exeter, where he lived the rest of his life. Kept a pack of hounds called the Haven Harriers.

m. Sarah Bishop (c.1824-1867) in 1842 in Exeter. She was born in Exmouth. They had eight children:


(6) Sarah Lambert-Gorwyn (1842-1883).

m. Robert Clogg of Liskeard, Cornwall, in Exeter in 1868. They lived first in Liskeard and then in South West Ireland, where Robert went as an accountant in a mining area. They had eight children and have many descendants alive today.


(6) Mary Lambert-Gorwyn, born about 1844 in Exeter. Married Edwin Sandys-Reed, the curate at St Michael’s, Bishop’s Stortford in 1869, but appears to have died a few years later, as he married again in 1876.There is a family story that one of Richard’s daughters committed suicide on his grave, and that could be her.


(6) Richard Lambert Gorwyn (born and died 1845).


(6) George Lambert-Gorwyn, b.1846 in Exeter. After his father’s death, he appears to have moved  with his two brothers to Greystone, one of the family properties in Drewsteignton, and tried to make a go of farming. After the sale of Greystone he first moved elsewhere in Devon and then to Daventry, the home of his wife. He and his family appear to have emigrated to the US in 1879. His five surviving children are recorded as arriving in the US in October that year. Probably the parents went on ahead to prepare the ground and then sent for the children.

m. Clara in 1869 in Daventry. They had at least six children:


(7) Minnie Maud Lambert-Gorwyn (died 1870 at 1 day).


(7) Kitty Lambert-Gorwyn, baptised at Drewsteignton in 1872.

m. Henry Sterling Engle in 1894 in Oklahoma.


(8) Hazel Engle.


(8) Doris Engle.


(8) Gene Engle.


(7) Florence Lilian Gorwyn, b. 1873 in Devon. Descendants if any unknown.


(7) Louisa Amelia Gorwyn, b. 1874 in Devon. Descendants if any unknown.


(7) George Frederick Lambert Gorwyn (1876-1947). Born at Daventry in 1876 according to the Births Register. He is probably the Fred Gorwyn or Gorwin recorded in US census records 1900-1920 working as a miner in Arizona. If so, he was married to Jennie by 1920. Gravestone at Wickenburg Municipal Cemetery (Arizona) gives his dates as 1879-1947. Descendants if any unknown.


(7) Kathleen Lucy Gorwyn, born Daventry 1877. Descendants if any unknown.


 (6) Lucy Lambert-Gorwyn, born in 1848 in Exeter.

   m. John Dobede Taylor in 1878 in Brighton. Descendants if any unknown.


(6) Richard Lambert Gorwyn (1850-1896). He is recorded at St Paul’s Road Wolborough with his family in 1881, described as horse-trainer.

m. Susan Rose (1851-1916) in 1879 in Alphington. She was born in Exeter, the youngest of 21 children; her mother Susan Grace was thought to have been of French extraction.  After her husband’s death she moved to Exeter where she had siblings.  By 1901 she was at Topsham, a widow living on her own means. Died at 54 Well Street in Exeter in 1916. The couple had seven children, one of whom died in infancy:


(7) Hilda Lambert Gorwyn (1880-1976).  Hector and Hamilton lived with her after the First war and she also fostered 11 children.

m. Leslie Kenning in 1913 and has descendants.


(7) Richard Hylton Lambert Gorwyn (1882-1965). Born at Kingkerswell. At Topsham in 1901 he is described as a horticulturalist. He left home at an early age to go to Wales, where he worked on the mines and also for a while as a grocer. He rode track cycles as a hobby. He joined the Army (Royal Field Artillery) in Newport in 1906 (calling himself Richard Murray Gorwyn and describing his birthplace as Plymouth) for a short term service of three years but then extended his service to 1912. He was posted to Bloemfontein 1909-1912, and was apparently attracted to it sufficiently to remain in South Africa after he left the Army.  In 1912, his Army records describe him as good with horses, reliable, industrious and intelligent (although at an earlier stage in his Army career he was disciplined for having failed to post a letter with a money order that he had been entrusted with). He was then recalled when war broke up (being on the reserve). He was described as a grocer working for the South African railways in Roodewal. He turned up unannounced at his father’s house and then leaving for the front in France. He was promoted 2nd lieutenant in 1916. He was still at that time calling himself Richard Murray Gorwyn, but went back to Richard Hylton Lambert Gorwyn at the end of the War. Richard was discharged in 1919. The Army refused to pay his passage back to Pretoria, but he seems to have gone back anyway. His Army records describe him as 5 ft 7¾ inches, with brown hair and grey eyes.

m. (1) Annie Victoria Elliss, dau. of Jabe Elliss Esq., of High Wycombe in 1915.  She died in 1919 shortly after the couple landed in Cape Town of a ruptured appendix complicated by pregnancy. One daughter of the marriage survived. She married Walter Lamb and has descendants.

m. (2) Ivy Irene Parsons-Morgan (1909-1958)  in South Africa in 1927. They had two daughters, one of whom survives and has descendants.


(7) Heloise Lambert-Gorwyn (1883-1885).


(7) Horace Carleton Lambert-Gorwyn (1884-1917). Born in Plymouth. By 1901 he is a miller’s clerk, living with his mother and siblings in Topsham. Living with his family in Teddington in 1911. Expert at needlework and embroidery. He dropped the name Gorwyn when he joined the Arny Pay Corps as a clerk in 1914. On his discharge in 1915 on medical grounds he was described as "A very good clerk, but unable to control his language". He was subsequently in the 2nd Battalion Manchester Regiment and was killed on 6.9.1917. Buried at Zuydcoote Military Cemetery.

m. (1) Georgina (Georgie) Williams (1872-1952) in Fulham 1906. They separated Horace’s sister Hilda brought up their younger daughter. Both their two surviving daughters married and have descendants.

m. (2) Ellen Clark (it is not clear that they were ever formally married; the father's name is left blank on her daughter's birth certificate).


(8) Georgina Ethel Lambert-Gorwyn (1906-1999) (by Georgina).

m. Frank Bendy 1926 and had 3 daughters. She made two subsequent marriages, to James Henry Moore in 1945 and to Walter Cox in 1971.


(8) Dorathea May Lambert-Gorwyn (1908-9) (by Georgina). Death registered in Twickenham. Her death certificate records that she died at two months from malnutrition and convulsions.


(8) Margaret Lambert-Gorwyn (1910-1967) (by Georgina).

m. Harry Burgoyne, a gardener for a wealthy businessman, in 1932 and had two sons and a daughter, all with descendants.

(8) Helen Norah Lambert (1916-2008) (by Ellen). Her name was changed to Windsor when her mother remarried. She had three children who have descendents.


(7) Harold Llewellyn Lambert-Gorwyn (1889-1958). Born at Plymouth. At Topsham in 1901. He became a bookbinder in Exeter. Played the trombone and string bass. Died in Exmouth.

m. Juliette Leona Dumont (c.1892-1978) from Belgium. Never spoke good English. She married Bill Tolman after Harold died.


(8) Leon Richard Lambert-Gorwyn.  The unusual name was doubtless chosen by his Belgian mother. He became a policeman, but he was too short to be accepted by the Devon police, so he moved to Bristol which had a lesser height requirement. He died in 1969 in Bristol.

m. Mary Bell, daughter of the schoolmaster of Exeter School. Lived at Dawlish. She died in 2004. They had eight children and have many descendants alive today.


(7) Hector Bruce Lambert-Gorwyn (1891-1985). Born in Plymouth. An electrician on the L&SWR (later Southern Railways). Played the Soprano Cornet. He also served in the Royal Engineers in the First World War, was awarded the Military Medal in 1917 and became attached to the new Royal Corps of Signals in 1920. He and his wife had one son who has descendants.

m. Kathleen Cox, a teacher.


(7) Herbert Hamilton Lambert-Gorwyn (1893-1927),  Born in Plymouth. Worked as an illustrator for an art firm and was a good boxer. Served in the First World War (in the first King’s Scout in Exeter). Died while riding his brother Hector’s Cotton motorcycle. Unmarried.


(6)  John Lambert-Gorwyn (1851), baptised in 1851 at Holy Trinity Paddington and died in London in the same year.


(6) Stafford Lambert-Gorwyn, born in 1853 in Exeter. Living on his own means in Portishead with his wife and daughter  in 1901.

m. Althe in 1894. 


(7) Althe Lambert-Gorwyn born in 1895 in Portishead. Descendants if any unknown.


(6) (possibly) William Lambert Gorwyn (1854-1859).