The numbers in round brackets indicate the generations from the founder of this branch of the family,  John Gorwyn of Bradley 1691-1733 (see TABLE 6), who is generation (1); his children as generation (2) etc., so John Lambert Gorwyn of Coxland, his great-great-grandson, is generation (5). John of Coxland  had a large family and many of today’s Lambert-Gorwyns are descended from him.


(5) John Lambert Gorwyn of Coxland (1828-1893),  son of William Gorwyn of Bradleigh in Crediton, and Ann Blanchford (see TABLE 7). At Bradleigh in 1841. He had moved to  Coxland by 1851, when he was farming 270 acres and employing 3 labourers.  In 1845 his father had left him Spicerslake (Spirelake) and all his other estates in Cheriton Bishop, but he presumably exchanged some of these for Coxland (although he seems to have kept Spirelake to farm alongside Coxland). By 1861 he had 250 acres and is employing 7 men and 2 boys. His mother was still living with him. By 1871 he had 270 acres and was employing 4 labourers. He was obviously grander than a simple yeoman farmer, as he is listed in the gentry section of the 1866 PO Directory.   Kelly’s Directory of 1889 gives John Lambert Gorwyn as farmer and landowner of Coxland, but describes the manor of Coxland as belonging to Mr Haydon (there was, however, no ancient manor of Coxland). The returns of owners of land in 1873 give him as owning as 339 acres. 

m. Charlotte Lee (1837-1917) 1857 in Crediton. She was the daughter of Francis Lee (born 1801 in Crediton) and Mary Anne Mortimer (her mother was Mary Tuckett, a name given to one of  Charlotte’s children). The couple had at least 12 children:


(6) William Lambert Gorwyn (1858-1904). At Higher Eggbeer with his father-in-law Joseph Haydon in 1881, but by 1889 he had moved to the farm of Halse in North Tawton in 1889. By 1901 he had moved with his family to Orsett in Essex, farming at Conways Farm.

m. Sarah Ann Haydon in 1880 at Cheriton Bishop. She and her children returned to Devon after her husband’s death, probably to her father’s house.  This no doubt explains why she shares a grave in Cheriton Bishop  with her father Joseph Haydon of Higher Eggbeer. The couple had five children.


(7) William Lambert Gorwyn (1880-1913).  Farmed at Westbury Farm, Cranham, Essex.

m. Harriet Louisa Ridgewell  of Mill House Orsett. She subsequently married Rev Frederick Sidney Gammon. William and Harriet had two children:


(8) William Lambert Gorwyn. Probably the William M. Ridgewell Gorwyn born in 1911.

m. Violet Seales. They had two children.


(8) Margaret Lambert-Gorwyn.


 (7) Rose Elizabeth Gorwyn (1883-1980). Born and buried in Cheriton Bishop.

m. Alfred Wheaton, who died 12.9.1947 aged 80. They had one daughter:


(8) Kathleen Mary Elizabeth Wheaton (1916-1939).


(7) John Haydon Lambert Gorwyn (1887-1970). No issue.


(7) Mary Lambert Gorwyn, born in 1890 in North Tawton.Unmarried. Presumably the Mary Lambert-Gorwyn who  was buried at Cheriton Bishop in 1962 in the same grave as Winifred (photo of grave).


(7)  Winnifred Lambert Gorwyn (1891-1971). Unmarried.


(6) Mary Tuckett Lambert Gorwyn (1859-1860).


(6) Mary Lambert Gorwyn (1861-1889).  She apparently died of TB.


(6) Charlotte Louisa Lambert Gorwyn, b. 1863. Died aged 82 at St Leonards, Exeter.

m. George Lee in 1882 in Cheriton Bishop. He was a speculator. They had seven children.


 (7) Edith Mortimer Lee

m. Joseph Gorwyn Baker, son of Bessie Lambert Gorwyn. No children.


(7) Rosa Alberta Lee. Unmarried.


(7) Winifred Lee .


(7) Wilfred Lee.

m. Hilda Lee (cousin). No children.


(7) Alice Lee

m. Edward Whidden. Living at Fordingbridge Hants in 1892.


 (7) Hilda Lee

m. Percy Waller.


(7) Annie Lee

m. George Mortimer  and had daughters Frances Agnes (Aggie) Besley, Muriel Annie and Winifred Violet Raspbridge.


(6) John Lambert Gorwyn  (c.1865-1932). Lived at Coxland until at least 1901, and was described as its owner in Kelly’s 1897 Directory. By the 1901 census he is the head of the household at Coxland, with 3 servants living in. He moved after his marriage first to Kent and then to Sussex. Died at Etchingham; will proved at Lewes, leaving £6669.

m. Minnie Short of Clifford Barton, Dunsford, at St Mary’s Dunsford in 1905. They had two children:


(7) Minnie Ivy Lambert Gorwyn (1906-1984). Born at Tinley Lodge Hildenborough. When she died her ashes were scattered on the Downs.

m. R. M. M. Botting at Etchingham on 12.9.1929 and had 4 children.


(7) John Arthur James (Jim) Lambert-Gorwyn (1913-1972).  Born at Sevenoaks; Died  at Heathfield. 

m. Winifred Doris ?at Etchingham in 1943 and had 4 children. 


(6) Albert George Lambert Gorwyn of the Barton, Sandford (1867-1931) . He was living at Coxland until at least 1891.  By 1901 he has taken over the farm at Halse, North Tawton, previously occupied by his brother William. By 1910 he was at Town Barton, Sandford, Crediton. He left £7447.

              m. Eda Seward who died  in 1956. They had four children:


(7) Frances Alberta or Augusta  born in 1901.

m. Fred Friend and had 3 children.


(7) William (Billy) Lambert-Gorwyn. 

m. Ena Edwards and had 4 children.


 (7) Hilda Lambert-Gorwyn born in 1903.

 m. George Friend in 1928 and had 1 daughter .


                (7) Mabel b. 1904.

   m. Charles Kingwill and had 1 son.


(6) Annie (Ann) Lambert Gorwyn (1869-1944). She was at Coxland until at least 1901 (described in 1891 census as farm assistant).

m. Frank Short as his second wife. He was the brother of Minnie Short who married John Lambert Gorwyn. No issue from this marriage.


(6) Elizabeth Lambert Gorwyn b. about 1871. May have died young.


(6) Edgar F. Lambert Gorwyn  (1871-1883). 


(6) Arthur James Lambert-Gorwyn (1873-1952).  Lived all his life at Coxland.  Donated the village hall at Cheriton Bishop. Unmarried.  Left his estate to 3 friends: Alec Bromley shooting friend; Strobling; Leslie Short. He was the last Gorwyn to farm in Cheriton Bishop, his death bringing to an end some 700 years of Gorwyns in Cheriton Bishop.


(6) Edward Lambert Gorwyn born in 1876. By 1901 had gone to London where he worked as a grocer’s assistant in Westbourne Grove. He is said subsequently to have run a boarding house in London, probably his wife’s.

m. Kitty 1909 in Paddington . Living with her husband at 9 St Stephen’s Road, W., in 1911 described as boarding house keeper. They appear to have had two daughters:


(7) Elizabeth Lambert Gorwyn, birth registered in Paddington in the third quarter of 1909 (BR). She probably died in infancy as she is not living with the couple in 1911.


(7) Kathleen C. Gorwyn, birth registered 3rd quarter of 1910 in Paddington (BR). At St Stepen’s Rd in 1911.


(6) Edith Alice Mahala Lambert Gorwyn (1878-1942).  b. 1878 (BR); at Coxland until at least 1901. Lived at Rose Cottage, Cheriton Bishop, and then after her husband died with her brother Arthur at Coxland.

m. (late in life) Reginald Seward and possibly had a daughter, Katherine.



 There is a single grave in Cheriton Bishop with the remains of John and Charlotte and their children Mary Tuckett, Edgar and Mary. Arthur is in a separate grave. Other graves of the Coxland family are those of  Sarah Ann Lambert Gorwyn, Charlotte and John’s daughter in-law, sharing a gravestone with her father Joseph Haydon; John Haydon Lambert Gorwyn (c1887-1970), grandson of John and Charlotte; Rose Elizabeth Wheaton (another grand-daughter) and her husband Alfred Wheaton; and Mary and Winnifred Lambert Gorwyn (unmarried grand-daughters).