A COOK they hadde with hem for the nones,
To boille the chicknes with the marybones,
And poudre-marchant tart and galyngale.
Well koude he knowe a draughte of London ale.
He koude rooste, and sethe, and broille and frye,
Maken mortreux, and well bake a pye.
…For blankmanger, that made he with the beste.

(Chaucer, Canterbury Tales)













From Pepys' diary, 4 April 1663

Very merry at, before, and after dinner, and the more for that my dinner was great, and most neatly dressed by our own only maid. We had a fricasee of rabbits and chickens, a leg of mutton boiled, three carps in a dish, a great dish of a side of lamb, a dish of roasted pigeons, a dish of four lobsters, three tarts, a lamprey pie (a most rare pie), a dish of anchovies, good wine of several sorts, and all things mighty noble and to my great content.





The Angels' Kitchen by Murillo, 1646